Automatic Multi Spindle Drilling Machine


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  • Features of the Multi-Spindle Drilling Machine Specially designed for Scaffolding pipes drilling operation.

  • Machine will have the capacity to load 40 NB, 2000mm length pipes, for auto mode and 3000mm in
    semi auto mode

  • Drilling Pitch will be 120mm Please note that our machine has 14 spindles fixed in particular pitch. They are not adjustable. If any change in, pitch and no of holes to be drilled, is required please specify in your enquiry.

  • For Drill height adjustment-adjustable Sleeves Type Din 6327 with MT-2 Taper will be provided. (Max drill size 17.5 mm with MT2 taper shank)

  • Machine will be equipped with automatic loading of the pipe from loading table to the V-Block for drilling.

  • Machine will have Manual/semi-auto and Automatic Mode Selection in operation. In manual mode, individual functions of the machine can be operated manually during initial machine setup. After machine setup is completed, it can, be run in Semi auto or Automatic-mode by selecting Semi auto or Auto Mode Automatic cycle sequence is as below.

    • Positioning of the pipe.

    • Clamping of the pipe.

    • Slide up with rapid movement till the drill point.

    • Coolant ON & Slide up with feed movement to drill the pipe on one side.


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