Pipe Beveling Machine


General Specification:

The Pipe Beveling Machine is used for the objective of beveling the pipe end. Pipe is beveled from the External and Front side is experienced by two different resources. The Pipe continues to be Invitations and the Beveling head moves and comes out of the head stock for reducing the Pipe end.

The Pipe Beveling System mainly includes the following:
Bed Head Stock Clamping Vice Beveling Head.

Bed Head Stock Clamping Vice Beveling Head.

BED: –
The Bed of Pipe Beveling Machine is created of cast iron. It is Very Firm and durable in development so as to take highest possible Fill and process max. Oscillations It is offered with four Nos. Base Gaps of Dia M20 at four sides of the bed. It is also offered with Four Utilized holes of 5/8” BSW near the Base Gaps. The head stock and Clamping Vice is fixed on the Bed.

The head stock whole body of Pipe Beveling Machine is created of cast iron. It is Very rigid and durable in style. The Go Inventory is developed for Four Nos. Spindle rates of speed. All the Equipment are of helical kind created out of Axle Developing. The dimension gears is 50 mm. The Moving Equipment move on Splined Golf club shafts. The Golf club shafts are installed on Large Responsibility Football Bearings. The Feedback Base will be offered with a lever having three lines for C-Section V-belts.

The Primary Spindle is installed on two Blend Curler Bearings installed in Difficult Firefox Coated Floor Sleeve. The Sleeve along with main spindle fixed with Beveling Go is installed in the Go Inventory whole body and is portable To and Fro along its axis. A Hyd. cylinder tube actuated electronically creates the activity of the sleeve in the Go Inventory. The Movement of the Sleeve can also be created personally. The head stock is Oil Loaded. It is offered with Oil Stuffing gap, Oil Strain gap and Oil Stage Signal.

The Box Type Clamping Vice is fixed on the Bed. The Vice is offered with Circular Clamping Oral cavity for each dimension (4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 8”,). The Vice will be Self-centering kind. The activity of the Clamping Oral cavity is created by Air-driven cylinder fixed on the Vice actuated electronically. The Vice will be very rigid and durable in style. System will be provided with individual clamping vice.

A unique Beveling Go will be offered with the product. Two Tools of HSS will be used, One for Beveling and second for Main Experience. The Beveling System will be installed in a unique Springtime Packed System Owner with a Curler device. It is fixed on the primary spindle that is then installed in the journeying Sleeve.

Note:- One set of Round Type Clamping Jaws will be provided with the machine. Other Round Type Clamping Jaws are Optional and will be supplied at an extra Cost.


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