Re bar Coupler



General Specification:


NCT Re-Bar Couplers are developed to be a aspect of the encouragement cafes. The traditional method of linking encouragement cafes with lap combined parts a continual in strengthened tangible need not be always appropriate. Advantages of convenience and economic system in lap splicing is limited to small size cafes. NCT technical couplers provide the solution for splicing when large size cafes are involved.

Conventional Lap Splicing NCT Mechanical Splicing: a Union Reliability

Technical Specifications (All sizes in MM)

Size Thread Diameter (mm) Length (mm) MM Pitch Weight(Kg)
12 M16 20 28 2 0.062
16 M20 26 40 2.5 0.082
18 M22 29 44 2.5 0.114
20 M24 32 48 3 0.153
22 M27 36 52 3 0.207
25 M30 40 60 3.5 0.303
28 M33 44 66 3.5 0.398
32 M36 50 72 4 0.608
36 M39 56 80 4 0.875
40 M45 62 90 4 1.138


Technically Superior : NCT rebar Couplers works like ongoing encouragement, produces durability automatically, separate of tangible. Therefore provides ductility in RCC components separate of condition of tangible. Proven cyclic performance of rebar provides durability during man-made, seismic or other natural events. The a continual of rebar provides excellent supply for grounding electrical current.

Designer friendly & Cost Effective:

NCT NCT RE-BAR couplers reduce rebar blockage and improve tangible flow & merging. Offer greater versatility in style options. The convenience in outlining of encouragement, particularly in encouragement blockage areas reduces the encouragement solving mistakes, outlining and solving of seismic encouragement becomes simple and easy. Workability with greater steel-to-concrete rate allows the best possible measurement of RCC architectural associates.


NCT RE-BAR couplers increase manufacturing rates because of decreased set up efforts and simpler qc specifications. Because of these variations, labor specifications and costs will be considerably decreased.


NCT Re-BAR coupler provides top quality, cost and time saving. Fixing couplers requires no unique skills or accessories. Easy technical ways in implementing technical splicing compared to lapping speeds up development plans for the best possible cost and performance.


Handling the rebar in convenient sizes helps you to save on useful motorised hoist time. It is cost-effective to use couplers for greater size rebar as it helps you to save on significant weight and rebar waste. Special application for micro-piling, adding, mountain security, pre-cast tangible, slip-forming, formwork protection; top-down development makes NCT coupler as a aspect of any major venture. 


NCT CouplerNCT Coupler NCT Conventional Couplers are developed to be a aspect of the encouragement cafes where at least one of the cafes could be turned. The threaded style of coupler helps easy involvement of the bar within the coupler with simple positioning.


The standard threaded coupler consists of inner threaded sleeve with two right passed discussions declining mid duration of coupler. The bar finishes to be signed up with are saw cut and discussions is offered on bar finishes with exclusive labeled discussions devices and line reducing devices. The cafes are linked originally manually shrinking and then with tube wrench (torque wrench may be preferred) 

NCT Coupler

NCT Coupler

The Re-BAR system provides buttocks combined when the bar discussions is completely involved with coupler by appropriate shrinking. The Re-BAR Becoming a member of is in accordance with BS-8110 Part 1, 1989 & BS-5400 Part 4, 1990 and ACI-318.


The NCT re-bar couplers are provided with inner line security nasty cap, The lightweight style of coupler guarantees that no extra tangible cover is required for coupler security.

NCT Transition Coupler

Transition couplers are developed to be a aspect of different size cafes. The tensile durability of the combined parts suits need for tensile failing of small diamater bar.


Torque Value: to make sure correct set up of re-bar coupler combined given below is the Twisting value graph.


Torque value to ensure correct assembly of coupler joint
Torque / Bar Dia 16mm 20mm 25mm 28mm 32mm onward
NCT- re-bar coupler 120 160 250 275 300

NCT-Reinforcement Bar Couplers Concrete Solution for your construction projects


  Methods and equipment for making and building efficient NCT Re-bar couplers so that a short up take a position of rebar that projects from an current tangible framework can be linked with a new rebar at a retrofit work place out in the field so as to provide a relationship between a new and the current framework. According to a first embodiment, one end of the sticking out up take a position is disappointed, and a threaded men combining participant encompasses the sticking out up take a position behind the disappointed end thereof. The threaded men combining participant is mated to a threaded women combining participant that is fitted to the new rebar such that the disappointed end of the up take a position is maintained between the men and women combining associates. According to a second embodiment, one end of each of the sticking out up take a position and the new rebar is disappointed, and a threaded men combining participant encompasses the sticking out up take a position and the new rebar behind the specific disappointed finishes thereof. The threaded men combining associates are then mated to opposite threaded finishes of a NCT Re- BAR COUPLER women participant so that the disappointed finishes of the sticking out up take a position and the new rebar are maintained at the interior of the women combining participant.

Installation of NCT Re- Bar Couplers


  High top quality shear cut cafes with distinct verticle with respect reducing or saw reducing may be used. The discussions is offered on bar finishes with exclusive labeled discussions devices and line reducing tools.


  Threading of encouragement cafes must be performed as per NCT RE-BAR COUPLERS by qualified owner. The line verifying evaluate is used for verifying the discussions. The discussions shall be protected by line security nasty cap while saving.


  The curved cafes may be threaded on discussions machine offered directly duration of the curved bar-end to be threaded is more than 0.5 m. If not so, the cafes may be threaded in directly measures, linked thoroughly and bar twisting is performed consequently. The curved must be minimum 100mm apart from line bar end.

  The bar is linked with coupler sleeve originally manually shrinking and then with tube wrench.


 The NCT RE- BAR Couplers full durability threaded buttocks joining that accomplishes durability with completely involved discussions of coupler and encouragement cafes. Therefore, it is essential to make sure sufficient shrinking of joining relationship for efficient fill transf


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