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General Specification:

Thread - TPI or Pitch: 1/8 in - 27 NPT, 1/4 in - 18 NPT, 3/8 in - 18 NPT, 1/2 in      - 14 NPT, 3/4 in - 14 NPT, 1 in - 11 1/2 NPT   

Material: Carbon Steel, HSS   

Includes: Wooden Case, Taps, Dies

Type: Tap & Die

Special Taps:

Your tapping requirement may be unique for various reasons, but one common requirement in all applications is successful tapping. Some examples of why your application may be special.

Material characteristic such as swarf type, elasticity, strength and hardness. depth of hole thread size pitch thread form reach holding

There are essentially four qualities in successfully designing and manufacturing a tap.

Theoretical knowledge and practical experience are intrinsic in this process.

Size form geometry texture or finish.

Base material, its heat treatment, and final surface coating are significant factors; but they would be irrelevant without the correct geometry. Tap geometry involves a combination of features tailored to all the above... thread and flute cutting angles, flute pattern, cutting force reduction features. The culmination of these geometrical features is the knowledge we refer to. Our knowledge combined with processes and equipment, allow consideration of all these variables.